Cleveland, OH

130 million gallon reservoir restoration

Baldwin Water Treatment Plant

The Baldwin Water Treatment Plant is an ornate and beautiful building that hearkens back to Cleveland’s rich past. When it needed brick restoration, CBR stepped in!

The Challenge

The Baldwin Water Treatment Plant is a throwback to a time when every building in Cleveland seemed to be a work of art. Built in 1924, the 130 million gallon reservoir was at one time thought to be the largest potable water reservoir in the world. The structure is beautiful and ornate, and on the top of the roof, there are four pavilions which at one point could have been used for breaks, but today are merely decorations. The stonework is a masterpiece, and many of the stone accents match popular architecture that can be seen in Downtown Cleveland and throughout the Near East Side. It was time to waterproof and perform maintenance on the roof, so Warren Roofing was called in to perform the work. But along with the roofing, there was stone along the rooftop, including the pavilions, that needed work as well. The challenge for this job lies in matching the colors of the stone and brick to ensure that it looks as good as it did when the structure was first raised, nearly 100 years ago.

Our Approach

The roof was very accessible and there was a stairway to the top of the structure, so getting around the project was relatively easy. The true work here was in the details. Our team removed bricks from the rough and exposed the trough, which was waterproofed by Warren Roofing. At the time of this study, the bricks are being restored and replaced along the trough. The team at CBR is also working on tuckpointing and patching the stone using Jahn Restoration Mortar from Cathedral Stone Products. This product comes with a color fan deck including standard colors, and if a match can’t be found in those options, our team creates a custom match.  

The brick matching process is a trial and error process. Our team takes a brick back to the brickyard and looks for a match to determine what will work for the project. Paver bricks are put down to establish a base, with the bricks from the brickyard being laid inside of them. Tuckpointing is completed around this base. The outcome is a hand-laid brick surface that is indistinguishable from the original brick – other than the fact that it looks amazing!

The Outcome

A beautiful building is on its way to a new beginning. Cleveland Building Restoration prides itself on restoring the classic architectural marvels hidden throughout the city and the Baldwin Water Treatment Plant is no exception. If you are driving past it on the road you might mistake it for a theater or a museum, but you certainly wouldn’t expect that it is a functioning water treatment plant. Restoring the brick enhances the beauty of the structure and ensures that it will continue to look immaculate for years to come!

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