Cleveland, Ohio

Church Masonry Restoration

The two angels adorning the entrance to a church in Cleveland, Ohio, were weathered and worn from years of exposure to the elements. Their wings were cracking and deteriorating, leaving the statues vulnerable to further damage.

Blending the Old With the New

The Challenge

Our skilled union mason needed to safely access the statues, remove the damaged wings, and carefully blend new mortar with the original. To perform this restoration successfully, he would use custom Jahn mortar patching. Members of the Cleveland Building Restoration team attend a specific training course on this process: Mortar patching is a handcrafted art and science that requires significant skill, attention to detail, and patience.

Skilled Jahn Mortar Patching

Our Approach

Our mason began by removing parts of the wings that were deteriorated. Then, he needed to create a stainless steel cage in the shape of the wings and epoxy into the sound portions of the statues that remained intact. After the cage was in place, he recreated the wings using Jahn restoration mortar, carving the intricate details of the wings to match the original. Once the new wings and other patches had finished curing, our mason applied a breathable masonry coating to the angels.

Giving Angels New Wings

The Outcome

The restored and coated angels look brand new and are a welcome sight for parishioners as they arrive at church. The client is very happy with the result of this extremely skilled and detailed masonry repair work.

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