Cleveland, OH

150th anniversary facelift

Cleveland Public Library

 The Cleveland Public Library is celebrating its 150th Anniversary this year, and Cleveland Building Restoration helped them mark the occasion with a wash.

The Challenge

The Cleveland Public Library is celebrating its 150th anniversary in 2019, and it needed a quick facelift to look its best. The building on W. Superior in downtown Cleveland is newer than the original public library, but even a newer building can use a deep clean. When the library wanted to get sparkly clean for its big celebration, it called on the team at Cleveland Building Restoration to handle the job. It’s a tall building, and cleaning the top would mean hanging swing stages, which is always a dangerous element for any job. But, the team at CBR is always ready for a challenge, so they headed downtown to put a shine on an iconic Cleveland building.

Our Approach

Step one for this project was figuring out a way to get those giant swing stages to the top of the building, and then figuring out how to secure them to ensure the safety of our team. Luckily for us, the roof of the building had roof davits to hang the swings, so it wasn’t as complicated as rigging can sometimes be on these projects.

We hung two swings and each stage had two men working with hoses to wash the building. A safety supervisor stayed on the ground below to let the team know where to wash and also feed the machines with the solutions needed to wash away the grime.

The team used ReVeal by Prosoco to wash the debris and stains from the side of the building. This is an environmentally-safe compound that restores masonry and glass and helps remove stains caused by exhaust and other factors. The facade was also washed with a mild detergent to restore its shine and luster.

The Outcome

The difference was stunning! The Cleveland Public Library looked just as gorgeous as it did on that opening day 150 years ago and Cleveland Building Restoration was glad to make it happen. Everyone deserves to look their best on their birthday, and this classic staple of Cleveland architecture is no different. Make sure you stop down and visit the library to see our work, and to wish them a happy birthday!

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