Lakewood, Ohio

Parking Garage Brick and Mortar Repair

Restoring a Parking Structure in the Heart of a City Center

Lakewood Center North Parking Garage

Thousands of residents and employees of area businesses utilize the Lakewood Center North Parking Garage at 1360 Bell Avenue every day. When leaks threatened the integrity of the garage, Cleveland Building Restoration stepped in to restore its function.

Keeping Leaking Water at Bay

The Challenge

A highly utilized parking garage in Lakewood’s city center was experiencing water leakage in the stairwells. When the garage on Bell Avenue was originally built, there was no flashing used in the steel shelf angles located on each floor, and that meant that when water penetrated the structure, it had nowhere to escape. The pooling water caused the steel shelf angles to corrode and the cracking and lifting of the brick walls.

The Cleveland Building Restoration crew needed to find a way to address the leaks and replace the damaged steel and brick to restore the structure’s function and ensure its longevity.

The Masonry Repair Work Begins

Our Approach

CBR’s Vice President, Dean Lamb, led a 5-person crew in executing the scope of work determined by engineer Sara Peters of THP Limited, a longtime partner of Cleveland Building Restoration. The CBR crew was brought in to replace the existing steel shelf angles on every floor with new galvanized steel and stainless steel flashing, as well as replace the brick and mortar.

In addition, the crew installed new weep tubes in the brick veneer that, as you might guess, allow the water to “weep,” or escape. This is essential as any moisture that builds must have a way to exit in order to prevent future water damage. The team also sealed all of the garage windows with silicone caulking, which has a 20-year warranty.

Open for Business

The Outcome

The garage is thoroughly protected and ready to handle the elements in Northeast Ohio—which is good news for all those Lakewood residents and businesses that utilize it every day! It is safe to say that the water issues plaguing this garage are now a thing of the past, thanks to Cleveland Building Restoration’s parking garage restoration services.

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