Medina, OH

Replacing a Retaining Wall

A New Twist

Medina Human Services

Our name has restoration in it, so one would assume that we only tackle projects on existing structures. The truth is, we employ some of the best brick masons around, and as much as we love to restore historic Cleveland buildings, our craftsmen like to build new things as well. So, we were particularly excited when Medina Human Services chose our company to replace a retaining wall on their property. The wall runs from the parking lot at the ground level of the property, around the back of the building, and down an incline to a patio/party area below. The wall was falling apart, and it was too late to repair it.

A Familiar Process

The Challenge

Some of our challenges involve high winds and tall buildings. In this case, the challenge was all internal. Our brick masons spend most of their time taking old buildings and making them look new again. In this instance, they were starting at the other end of the life cycle. In order to retain their certifications, our brick masons need to work on new projects from time to time, and this was a great opportunity for them to showcase their skills. They might not work on new projects every day, but when they do, it’s an opportunity for them to show off the skills that make them great!

Teamwork in Action

Our Process

Shirmer Construction was the General Contractor on this project, so they laid the groundwork. When they brought our team on site, the footers were already poured, and all demo was complete. Our team built a CMU masonry structural backup with steel reinforcement cavities which were grounded solid in block. The team then installed new brick face veneer to match the existing retaining wall’s structure. There was some nice stone work done to install coping stone caps on the retaining and ramp walls as well.

Same Results

The Outcome

It might not be our normal project, but once you put a brick in the hands of our team, they know just what to do with it. This 30-day project is relatively short compared to some of our multi-faceted projects, but that doesn’t mean that it wasn’t well worth it. Our masons got to showcase their skills and the work helps them stay certified so that they can be ready the next time a client needs new brick work done on their building. We are always prepared for the challenge, old or new!

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