Shaker Heights, OH

Maintaining History

Maintaining Classic Beauty

Moreland Courts

Cleveland’s Shaker Square area is a microcosm of what the city is all about. Bustling new businesses stand shoulder to shoulder with classic Cleveland architecture in a neighborhood where classic beauty meets modern chic. In the 1920s, developers built a sprawling condominium complex that today stands nearly a quarter mile in length. Beautiful tuckpointing and stone masonry adorn the building, and it is truly a throwback one of the most breathtaking eras in Cleveland architecture. But, Cleveland’s weather can take its toll on a structure, and maintenance is vital. So, once a year, our teams makes a trip to Shaker Heights to give the building a facelift.

Access Limited

The Challenge

Our team of two crew members has familiarity in their corner when they visit Moreland Courts, but that doesn’t change the fact that navigating the campus of the building is a challenge. When the building was constructed, concerns like parking and accessibility to the building itself weren’t in the forefront of the design. To clean the building, the team needs to get 60 and 120 ft. lifts in place, and that can make for a tight squeeze. The property is marked with gorgeous sandstone walkways which are beautiful and supportive for walking but not made to withstand the burden of heavy equipment. To maintain this structure, the team needs to be delicate and tread lightly. And then, there are the varied color patterns in the tuckpointing. Matching the colors isn’t as easy as ordering the right materials – these hues must be attained by hand.

Practicality and Precision

Our Approach

As with all of our historic restoration and maintenance projects, the safety of the building was paramount on this project. Our team carefully laid down planking and cribbing to ensure the walkways would be undisturbed. The lifts were brought in and situated in precise angles to provide the right positions to accomplish the tasks at hand. There was also a multitude of restoration and repair errands to accomplish: stone and brick maintenance, sealant application at the coping head and bed joints, window perimeters and stone elements, stone water tables, etc. The team used what they feel is the highest quality silicone sealant on the market: Dowsil premium sealant.

The most tedious of the tasks proved to be the color matching. The tuckpoints have to match, and to achieve the right tone, numerous bags of colored materials are blended until the shade is perfect. It can take a while, but the outcome is well worth it.

Annual Success

The Outcome

Another year, another successful trip to Moreland Courts. It truly is a beautiful building, and we are glad to do our part to keep it looking it’s best. It’s an honor to get invited back year after year to what has become a familiar friend. It’s that type of relationship that separates us from other Cleveland restoration companies. It’s not just a project – it’s a commitment. And, it’s one we are glad to say is a shining example of the quality we produce.

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