Cleveland Heights, OH

Masonry Restoration

Revitalizing a 1920s School Building

Roxboro Middle School

Roxboro Middle School serves students in Cleveland Heights and University Heights. The school building, which was built in the 1920s, is a beautiful brick and mortar structure that, over time, started to look dingy due to the buildup of dirt, grime, and other contaminants. This also compromised the structural integrity of the building, as the brick and mortar deterioration could lead to problems with leaks and water infiltration.

Going to Summer School

The Challenge

As with many school projects, it was critical that this work be done over the summer and completed before the students returned to school in August 2021. Cleveland Building Restoration ensured that the project stayed on pace for completion according to the client’s desired timeline.

Top-to-Bottom Restoration

Our Process

The goal of the project was to restore the school’s exterior to look like new and revitalize its appearance. Cleveland Building Restoration began by tuckpointing, slowly grinding out 100 percent of the building’s mortar joints and removing the damaged mortar. The original mortar, which had not been touched in decades, was difficult to remove and replace. Jahn Masonry Repair Mortar was used to patch the deteriorated limestone elements, and the mortar was replaced with color-matched Type N mortar. All of the window perimeters were caulked to ensure their watertight capabilities. Finally, the entire building was washed with a clear, water repellent, safely removing years of grime and dirt.

A New Look

The Outcome

Over the course of the summer, Cleveland Building Restoration’s masonry experts transformed the exterior appearance of Roxboro Middle School—and greatly improved its structural integrity and ability to withstand the elements in Northeast Ohio. The building is now ready to serve the needs of students and educators for years to come.

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