Lakewood, OH

"green" plaza restoration

Shoreham Apartments

The Shoreham Apartments in Lakewood Ohio needed repairs to their damaged “green” plaza area. The team at Cleveland Building Restoration answered the call.

The Challenge

The Shoreham Apartments in Lakewood, Ohio are known for providing great amenities, including a beautiful pool area. Its tenants enjoy the great green area above the parking lot where they can play cornhole and volleyball after a refreshing dip in the pool. The area is wonderful, until the waterproof membrane protecting the buildings from water damage starts to deteriorate, putting the entire complex in danger. Couple that with the fact that the support walls holding up the underground garage were crumbling as well, and The Shoreham Apartments needed some help. That’s when they contacted the team at Cleveland Building Restoration to come in and rescue the green area and garage, making sure that this coveted feature and selling point for the complex would be intact for years to come.

Our Approach

The area of the complex that we were helping to save is called the Upper Plaza. Beneath the green area on the plaza is an underground parking structure for tenants and their guests. On top of the plaza, there was about a foot and a half of topsoil that needed to be removed before the waterproof membrane could be accessed. There were about 256 feet of landscaping that needed to be excavated as well. The entire waterproofing membrane had to be removed, which meant using chisels and grinders to loosen the material. At that point, the new membrane was installed to protect the ground and buildings from water damage.

Next, our partners from the AKA Team came in and applied Hydrotech Hot Coat Fluid Apply Waterproofing, laying down mesh and an asphalt emulsion for bonding. Expansion joints around the perimeter were repaired and over 410 ft. of drainage was added to the existing drainage system on top of the plaza. This enabled the team to get to work on the masonry and concrete repairs that needed to be completed beneath the plaza. Next, once repairs to the masonry were complete, counter flashing was installed over the exposed stainless steel and cover protection was applied to the manning that ran up the wall. To finish the job, over 180 ft. of 4 ft. wide sidewalk was installed from the back door of the complex to the swimming pool. 

The Outcome

The Upper Plaza at the Shoreham was repaired, restored, and ready for action! The membrane in place for waterproofing comes with a two-year warranty, but it will last far past that timeframe. Nothing says summertime like a swimming pool and beautiful green grass. Thanks to the hard work of our team, the residents of the Shoreham Apartments will have many more incredible sunny days enjoying their green space!

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