Cleveland, OH

Entrance Accessibility

Making Recreation More Accessible

Strosacker Auditorium

Case Western Reserve is one of the most important academic institutions in the country. Its halls have played host to countless doctors, attorneys, educators, and intellectuals over the years, and it’s been a leader in higher education since 1826. A world-class institution deserves world-class facilities, so when Strosacker Auditorium installed an elevator to make its basement wheelchair accessible from the ground level, it needed a new entrance to make the outside as wheelchair friendly as the inside.

Students First

The Challenge

New builds are a little less complicated than some of our more intricate restoration projects. Complicating things on this adventure was the presence of students on campus. Safety is always first with Cleveland Building Restoration, so we also did our best to keep the project contained and out of the way.

Masonry, Steel, and More

Our Process

The addition needed was relatively small, but it did require our team to work with some ironworkers to make it happen. CBR moved some granite panels for the ironworkers to put in a new steel entry canopy. When the canopy was in place, our crew put in new masonry and a cast veneer facade made from CMU structural backup. New masonry openings were put in for structural I-beams and a large masonry fill was installed where an existing window was previously filling in the void.

An Accessible Entrance

The Outcome

The auditorium is now more accessible than ever, so all students can enjoy all of the fun activities that take place there, including movie nights! Our team is always proud of our work, but knowing that this will help some bright minds enjoy some recreational time while completing their education makes this experience unique. This entrance is a perfect blend of steel and stone, and it will be in place for years to come.

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