Commercial Expansion Joint Repair

Expansion Joint Repair

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Expansion joints have a tough job to perform. As temperatures change and when heavy loads are applied, these joints help the surface flex instead of crack under the conditions. Imagine trying to do that job in the ever-changing and unpredictable climate that Northeast Ohio produces. That’s why Cleveland Building Restoration works so hard to be the best commercial expansion joint repair company in Cleveland. We are here to protect you and your investment. Contact us today to find out more about commercial expansion joint repair from CBR!

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Expansion Joint Repair Process

High-Quality Repairs

Our process starts with our team grinding out the expansion joint to get rid of all of the faulty concrete and any excess paint. Any remaining debris is cleared away, so we can rebuild the concrete surface. We then rebuild the control joint using mortar, creating a level, smooth surface. Finally, we apply an epoxy finish to the surface and fill the joint with polyurethane to give it the flexibility it needs to adjust to the changing climate and loads. It requires attention to detail at every step. Cleveland Building Restoration is ready to get started on your project!

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The CBR Difference

Experienced Professionals

Expansion joint restoration is a complicated process that can’t be executed without experience. With one of the most tenured crews in Cleveland, CBR has the know-how you need and can trust. Our entire team has completed the OSHA 30-Hour Construction training, meaning they are well versed in health and safety measures that help them stay safe during the job. We belong to the Cleveland Restoration Society (CRS) and Construction Employers Association (CEA), as well as the International Masonry Institute (IMI), and Better Business Bureau (BBB). We are also proudly certified as a Women’s Business Enterprise (WBENC). When you need a major project like expansion joint repair in Cleveland, you need a company that can handle the load. That company is CBR.

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