Commercial Masonry Cleaning

Commercial Masonry Cleaning in Cleveland

Safely Restore Your Building’s Exterior

Cleveland is home to many commercial buildings, like the Downtown YMCA and the Baldwin Water Treatment Plant, that feature beautiful masonry and architecture. Unfortunately, over time, a building’s exterior appeal can be diminished by age, weather, and many other factors. While all exterior cleaning requires a degree of care and precision, masonry cleaning requires significant knowledge and expertise specific to working with brick and stone. 

Masonry cleaning is an essential part of every masonry restoration project. Not only is a thoroughly clean surface necessary for the application of exterior sealing and coatings, but your building’s clean exterior showcases all of the work and effort undertaken during the project. We take great pride in the work we do—and that includes the masonry cleaning process.

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Our Masonry Cleaning Process

Careful Attention to Detail

Our experienced team of professionals begins every commercial masonry cleaning project with a thorough assessment of the building’s exterior to determine the best possible approach. It is imperative to utilize a cleaning method that will not harm the building materials or cause discoloration. For example, limestone is susceptible to alteration and coated brick can easily be damaged with heavy pressure washing. Every job is different and requires a unique cleaning approach. We identify the best cleaning methods for your building’s exterior to remove stains, such as those caused by algae or mildew, and amplify the original beauty of the exterior materials, whether they are stone, concrete, or brick.

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Why Choose CBR for Masonry Cleaning?

Masonry Is Our Passion

Masonry is truly our passion. At every step of the commercial masonry restoration process, we are committed to delivering exceptional, quality results. Tasks like cleaning, particularly on an older building, require innovative planning and execution to install lifts that will allow our team to safely complete the job. All team members have completed the OSHA 30 certification, a 30-hour occupational safety and health orientation designed for construction workers. With our unparalleled emphasis on safety and our ongoing commitment to superior results, CBR is the ideal choice for your commercial masonry project in Cleveland.

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