Commercial Masonry Sealing

Commercial Masonry Sealing

Protecting Your Building’s Structural Integrity

Water, and moisture in general, is the enemy of all great architecture, particularly historic masonry. Without proper coatings and sealings in place, building exteriors become susceptible to issues like efflorescence—an occurrence of salt deposits that form when water is present and appear as a white coating—and fading from the sun. More serious issues can occur when a building is not adequately waterproofed. CBR provides commercial masonry sealant applications that will protect your building’s integrity and offer peace of mind from water and moisture issues. We use the best sealing and coating products on the market, carefully selected to serve as a barrier between water and your building’s unique exterior.

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Our Masonry Sealing Process

Professional Waterproofing From Top to Bottom

Before any sealants can be applied, the exterior surface of the building must be prepared. This means we thoroughly clean and dry the exterior masonry to ensure that any coating or sealant applications will be successful. During the masonry sealing process, we work from top to bottom, carefully inspecting every nook of your building. From the roof flashings to the caulking around windows, every single detail is noted. We make sure that your building is thoroughly waterproofed, reducing the threat of moisture buildup. Our sealing and coating products will protect exterior stone, brick, concrete, and other surfaces from mildew and algae growth, efflorescence, and fading, as well as protect against greater damage that can occur when water penetrates a building’s interior.

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Protecting Cleveland’s Great Architecture

One Coating and Sealing at a Time

When you need commercial masonry sealing, call in the professionals at CBR. Masonry is what we do day in and day out. We know how to properly seal your building’s exterior to provide adequate waterproofing and protect against future damage for years to come. You can trust our experienced masonry professionals to select the best products available to deliver unparalleled results. We look forward to helping you protect your commercial building for the future.

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