Commercial Terra Cotta Restoration and Repair

Commercial Terra Cotta Repair and Restoration

Recrafting Your Clay Architecture

Terra cotta surfaces provide a canvas for tremendous detail and precision in architecture. From gorgeous columns to rooftop ornamentation, some of Northeast Ohio’s most iconic structures are crafted from this clay compound. The downside of terra cotta as a building material is that it wasn’t always a great long-term solution because it had a tendency to be delicate and vulnerable to harsh weather conditions like those found in the Greater Cleveland and Akron area. 

The good news is that Cleveland Building Restoration is well trained in the latest terra cotta refurbishment techniques that are designed to get more longevity out of this beautiful material. There have been tremendous advancements in the coatings and solutions that are available to restore the clay and protect it from tough environments. Do you need terra cotta restoration in Cleveland that will last? Then contact the pros at Cleveland Building Restoration.

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The Terra Cotta Restoration Process

CBR Does It All

From deep restoration using composite patching and casting mortars to thin section repair using filling mortars, our team uses a process that is designed to safely restore and protect your Cleveland terra cotta surfaces. Our team carefully repairs cracks and restores masonry features and then replicates the glaze to return the terra cotta to a shiny finish. Our team is skillfully trained in color-matching techniques to ensure continuity between old and new sections of the terra cotta, so no one will be able to tell what has been repaired and what is original. When we are done, your building will look better than ever, and you’ll be glad you chose CBR for your terra cotta restoration project.

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Why Choose CBR for Terra Cotta Restoration?

The Difference Is in Our Team

Cleveland Building Restoration employs some of the most-experienced tradespeople in Northeast Ohio. Our team members are required to complete 30 hours of OSHA certification that teaches them safety practices that keep them protected on the job. We belong to the Construction Employers Association (CEA), International Masonry Institute (IMI), Better Business Bureau (BBB), and Cleveland Restoration Society (CRS), and we are proud to say that we are a certified Women’s Business Enterprise (WBENC). We love the finished product when we do a terra cotta restoration in Cleveland, but we are even more proud of the process that gets us to those results!

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