Concrete Parking
Deck Repair

Rebuilding Beauty & Strengthening Function

Restoring & Repairing Concrete

In many cases, the area of a building in greatest need of repair and restoration is the concrete parking structure. Over time, concrete parking decks and garages can become damaged and deteriorated for a variety of reasons. Along with our full suite of masonry repair services, Cleveland Building Restoration can provide expert concrete parking deck and garage repair and restoration.

More Than Just Decks & Parking Garages

Concrete Services

Our services include but are not limited to the following:

  • Traffic coating systems
  • Concrete surface patching
  • Control and expansion joint replacement
  • New installation and caulking of expansion joints
  • Structural repairs

If your commercial or historic building’s parking deck or garage needs inspected for repairs, please give our team a call. We’ll provide whatever concrete repair and restoration services are needed to restore its function, structure and appearance.

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