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Facade Maintenance Program

Are you familiar with the City of Cleveland’s Codified Ordinance 3143.02? In the last year, the city of Cleveland, like other cities across the country, began implementing a strict safety ordinance for buildings that are 30 years or older and taller than 5 stories and 75 feet. All building owners must obtain and submit an initial inspection form completed by a qualified inspector. If your building is determined to be unsafe, you must complete a lengthy to-do list within a tight timeframe: There are permits that must be pulled, notices that must be given, work that must be done by specific deadlines, reports that must be given to the city, and so on. Building owners who are found not in compliance are in violation and issued a misdemeanor for every single day they are not in compliance.

Having your building deemed unsafe, or being found not in compliance, is a stressful scenario for any building owner. For this reason, Cleveland Building Restoration developed our Facade Maintenance Program to help area building owners navigate this complex process. We’ll help you with every step including partnering to assist with the initial inspection, handling obtaining necessary permits and working with a certified engineer or technician to complete the needed repairs. Our goal is to make the process easier for you while also ensuring the safety of your building.

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