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While concrete is usually poured and cured on site, there is one exception: precast concrete. It is not uncommon for certain ornamental masonry elements to be precast into a specific shape, such as a beam or a post, to add architectural detail to a building. The product is cast into its desired form, given time to harden and cure, and then stripped from the form and moved to the job site. Sometimes that precast concrete is given a natural stone, brick, or terra cotta veneer. Other precast masonry elements might include steps, panels, and retaining walls. We also see precast concrete used in many low- to mid-rise buildings like hotels and apartments.

As with any type of masonry, precast masonry is susceptible to aesthetic defects due to age and weather. You might notice small chips or fine cracks, discoloration, and signs of efflorescence when you are up close to the surface of the material. While these small defects might not be noticeable from a distance, more complex issues can develop. For example, large cracks or spalls must be addressed to protect your building’s structural integrity. The team at Cleveland Building Restoration is skilled at the art of repairing and restoring precast materials.

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It is so important to pay attention to every single detail when working with architectural precast materials. These durable, high-quality products can add a beautiful artistic element to a building, but sometimes attempts to correct and patch minor defects can make the flaws more noticeable, particularly if they are done by someone unfamiliar with the proper precast materials and preferred restoration methods. Our masons are qualified to handle the precast repairs as well as approve all of the materials and methods used on the job site. We will apply any patching with care and precision and ensure proper curing of the materials.

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When you trust us to handle your precast masonry repairs and restoration, we treat your building as if it were our own. We know the risks involved in working with architectural precast materials and take steps to ensure that no damage or discoloration is caused during the repair process. Count on us for the highest-quality precast repairs. Restore your building’s aesthetic appeal with our commercial precast masonry services.

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