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Some of Cleveland’s most beautiful historic buildings are made of stone. This timeless material creates stunning architectural features such as steep church spires and intricately carved stone columns. However, these stone surfaces can be difficult for building owners to maintain. Over time, even a well-constructed stone veneer will begin to show wear and tear. You may notice issues with your building’s stone masonry facade, like discoloration, crumbling mortar, or cracks. Cleveland Building Restoration can help you maintain your building’s stone walls and exterior features, as well as protect it against further deterioration and erosion.

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Safe and Thorough Stone Patching and Repairs

Every stone restoration job begins with a thorough assessment of your building’s exterior. It is important to have a professional masonry restoration company evaluate your building’s structural integrity and look for any hidden issues. Our team has a comprehensive understanding of stone masonry and all of the components involved in making any repairs. We will carefully remove any damaged or worn-out stones and replace them as needed. We can also patch and repair existing stones and replace any deteriorated mortar. Whether you need us to repair damaged mortar between stones or restore a stone veneer, we can handle all of your stone restoration needs.

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Stone restoration and repairs require a deep knowledge of the masonry materials and best practices. If the work is not done with care and precision, the structural integrity of your historic building could be compromised. Cleveland Building Restoration’s experienced team understands the ins and outs of stone masonry and is well equipped to handle your restoration and repair needs. Let us restore your stone masonry to like-new condition and breathe new life into your building.

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