Mentor Concrete Repair and Restoration

Mentor Concrete Repair and Restoration

Restoring the Function and Appearance of Your Concrete

Many parking garages and decks across the city of Mentor are made of concrete. This material is selected for its durability and strength, but there is a drawback—concrete is highly susceptible to wear and tear if it is not properly sealed and maintained. Once your concrete parking deck or garage becomes visibly deteriorated, you could also be dealing with major structural repairs. When this occurs, you need to work with a highly reputable concrete restoration company for the safety of your employees and visitors. Cleveland Building Restoration can extend the life of your parking facility with our comprehensive concrete repair and restoration services. When it is time to restore your structure’s function, appearance, and safety, contact our team.

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Expert Concrete and Masonry Restoration

Restore the Appeal and Safety of Your Mentor Parking Garage

Cleveland Building Restoration offers a range of services designed to restore and repair your concrete parking structure in Mentor, ranging from structural repairs and joint replacement to surface patching. Our team’s commercial concrete repair and restoration capabilities include but are not limited to the following:

  • Wall and column repairs to fix cracked, spalling, or corroded concrete
  • Traffic coating applications to shield concrete from water, UV damage, and road salt
  • Concrete surface patching
  • Control and expansion joint replacement
  • New installation and caulking of expansion joints

You can trust our skilled team to handle your historic or commercial parking deck’s restoration with great care and precision. From selecting the best materials to using our proven techniques, Cleveland Building Restoration is your top choice for concrete restoration. We will revive and restore your concrete and improve the appearance, function, and value of your Mentor building.