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Preserving the History of Willoughby

When you visit Willoughby’s historic downtown—listed on the National Register of Historic Places—you can see buildings dating back as far as 1850. Most were originally constructed with mill or “heavy timber” construction and brick and stone facades. These buildings help tell the story of Willoughby over the last two centuries, and their preservation is essential for future generations. However, these types of buildings are notoriously challenging to maintain without the assistance of a professional, qualified masonry contractor.

Cleveland Building Restoration works closely with historic building owners in Willoughby to protect and preserve their property. We understand the unique challenges to historic building restoration, including very specific regulations and guidelines regarding the use of certain methods and materials. Let us help you navigate your masonry restoration or facade maintenance needs.

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The stakes for historic building restoration are high. If the wrong materials are used or an improper technique is applied, irreparable damage can occur. Trust the experienced historic preservation team at Cleveland Building Restoration with the safety and preservation of your building. Our team’s knowledge of different masonry materials and practices is unparalleled in Greater Cleveland. We can assist with any restoration needs at your historic building, from facade maintenance to expansion joint repair. Let us help you preserve your piece of Willoughby history.