Mentor, OH

comprehensive restoration

Air Power Dynamics

Air Power Dynamics has a huge facility in Mentor, Ohio. It was time to restore the brick and masonry work around the facade, so they called on CBR to get the job done.  

The Challenge

Air Power Dynamics in Mentor, Ohio provides tooling and pattern assembly for some of the biggest entities in the world, from NASA to the US government. A company of that size needs a big space to work in, and Air Power Dynamics is no exception. The challenge of the work we did for them had nothing to do with how difficult the work itself would be. It would be the 30,000 square feet of exterior facade that needed comprehensive restoration that would provide a great challenge for the team at Cleveland Building Restoration. As with all projects we take on here at CBR, we couldn’t wait to get to work on this huge building and make it look great for our customer!

Our Approach

We had our work cut out for us at the Air Power Dynamics building. We were slated to do a comprehensive restoration of that exterior facade. We needed to replace bricks, as needed, around the exterior and restore mortar joints and tuckpointing. We also had to restore the caulk around all of the masonry openings, windows, and lintels.

Our team routed out all of the old joints and installed new mortar to match the existing mortar.

We replaced the old deteriorating joints and sealed all possible water entry points. There were huge 11 ft. tall windows around the building, and CBR removed all of the old steel around the windows, painted the flashing, installed new stainless steel drip plates, and made the windows look new again.

Our team salvaged as much of the existing brick as they could, and took one of the old bricks to the brickyard to find matching bricks for the restoration. All of the exposed joints and perimeters around the building were repaired or removed as necessary.

The masonry caulk around all openings was replaced by a color-matched material. We mock up the color first, and the business owner gets to make the ultimate decision as to whether or not they think it’s close enough to look great on their building.

The building was then sealed with a masonry 790 silicone coating called Loxon XP™ from Sherwin Williams. Once the coat sealed, the entire repair area was power washed and a clear masonry water repellent called Siloxane WB concentrate by Prosoco Inc. was applied to the building to protect it for years to come.

The Outcome

The building looks better than ever and brand new! Our team loved this project. It combined brick repair and replacement, masonry repairs, sealing and coating to provide our client with a building that will not only look great but will keep their investment protected against the elements come rain, sleet, hail, or snow! The attention to the colors of the brick and mortar really set off the look of the entire project, proving that Cleveland Building Restoration’s attention to detail makes the difference when it comes to a project that means so much to your business.

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