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Commercial Thru-Wall Flashing Repair and Installation

Protecting Your Building From Water Damage

Thru-wall flashing, a type of high-performance, flexible membrane, is an effective form of waterproofing for masonry buildings. This type of flashing is typically made of copper, metal, PVC plastic, or rubberized asphalt. The flashing is used to divert any moisture that has entered the wall to the outside before it causes any interior water damage or mold growth. It essentially gives water a path through the walls to escape your building. Without properly installed thru-wall flashing, or if your current flashing is defective, the open space—or cavity—between the walls can become susceptible to water damage. Water can then seep into the inside of your building.

Cleveland Building Restoration can provide quality commercial thru-wall flashing repair and installation services to protect your building against the problems caused by water infiltration.

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Our Thru-Wall Flashing Process

Proper Installation Provides Lasting Results

The most important aspect of thru-wall flashing repair and replacement is to get the job done right the first time. If your flashing is not installed properly, your building will simply not be adequately protected from potential water damage. Cleveland Building Restoration is experienced in the art and process of thru-wall flashing repair on masonry veneer walls. We begin by removing the cladding—such as brick or stone—to expose the waterproofed layer of the wall. From there, we will either repair or replace the flashing material. Our process includes the thorough installation of new thru-wall flashing and all of its components, including relief angles, sealant, and metal drip.

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The key to the longevity of your building’s thru-wall flashing is proper installation with proper materials. Our skilled masons will perform your thru-wall flashing repairs with care, precision, and attention to the smallest details. When the structural integrity of your building is on the line, make sure you work with the best masons in the business. Trust the experienced crew at Cleveland Building Restoration to protect your commercial masonry from water damage.

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