Brick Restoration and Repair

Restoring Northeast Ohio’s Commercial Brick Structures

Safe and Effective Brick Masonry Repair

While some artists create with paint or clay, our masons prefer brick and mortar. Brick restoration and repair is truly an art form. Whether your building has minor cracks in its brick veneer or major structural damage has caused loose and bowing brick walls, our experienced team is ready to help. We can handle any brick exterior issue including cracks, discoloration due to age or efflorescence, bowing, and foundation damage.

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Brick Restoration and Repair Process

Care and Precision

We approach every brick restoration project by first carefully assessing the issue and the desired end result. Sometimes brick restoration is done solely for cosmetic reasons. You may own a historic brick building that has lost its visual appeal over time as the structure aged and was exposed to the elements in Cleveland. We can chemically clean your brick or stone building with various mild detergents. Other times, visual signs of brick damage on your building can indicate a more serious structural problem.

Perhaps one of your commercial building’s brick exterior walls is bowing. The wall may need to be stabilized and secured to protect the structural integrity of your building. Depending on your needs, our team will provide a customized brick restoration and repair solution that includes services like tuckpointing, mortar repair, caulking, sealing, and more.

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We Know Brick Repair

When you are working with historic brick surfaces, it is so important to be precise, careful, and accurate with repairs. The team at Cleveland Building Restoration includes some of the most experienced and talented masonry professionals in the Northeast Ohio region. Our masons know the intricacies of brick surfaces like the back of their hand. That knowledge and expertise is what sets us apart from other masonry restoration providers. We will thoroughly fix any issues and bring new life to your brick building.

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