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Mortar Repointing That Preserves Your Building’s Integrity

Some of our city’s historic brick or stone buildings were constructed centuries ago. Builders have been using a form of mortar, a binding agent, since ancient times. While the first mortar was made of mud and clay, many of today’s century-old buildings used a combination of concrete, lime, and sand. When mortar deteriorates over time, it can crack, recede, or even fall out of wall joints. Crumbling mortar puts your building at risk of water seepage or infiltration that could harm its structural integrity. Cleveland Building Restoration understands that mortar removal and repointing must be done with extreme care and attention to detail. If your historic property or commercial building needs brick or stone mortar repair, reach out to our team to learn more about our services.

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Our Mortar Repair Process

Combining Modern Technology With Age-Old Practices

Mortar repointing success hinges on preserving the integrity of the wall or surface area that is being repaired. Cleveland Building Restoration will take the time to thoroughly assess and inspect your building prior to starting our work. We will study the existing mortar and use various different components to achieve the correct texture in a new mortar blend. Using an engineered dustless grinding system, our experts will safely remove the damaged mortar from the joints—working in sections to ensure your building’s integrity is not weakened.  Done with care, the right tools, and compatible materials, mortar repointing can restore the appearance and strength of your historic structure. Mortar repointing is essential to keeping your building watertight and protected against moisture buildup and water seepage.

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We Know How to Do Masonry Restoration Right

If your commercial or historic building needs mortar repair, we strongly recommend working with an experienced masonry restoration company. The masons at Cleveland Building Restoration have been working with brick and mortar for years—we know how to get the job done right. Our knowledge and experience leads to better mortar repointing results for your building and will help preserve it for many more years to come. When it comes to a delicate task like historic mortar repair, do not take any chances. Reach out to discuss your project with our team.

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