Commercial Brick Tuckpointing Services in Cleveland

Recapturing the Appeal of Your Historic Building

Commercial building owners know the frustration of watching brick and mortar slowly deteriorate over time and diminish their building’s appearance. Fortunately, masonry tuckpointing is an ideal solution. Through our thorough tuckpointing process, damaged mortar is removed and replaced, and the original historic appearance of your building is recaptured.

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Our Brick Tuckpointing Process

High-Quality Brick and Mortar Restoration

Tuckpointing is a highly detailed process that requires patience and time. Our skilled masons first remove the damaged mortar with an engineered dustless grinding system and fill the joints with new mortar that creates the proper texture. The tuckpointing process is rewarding because it both protects your building from mortar deterioration and gives your building a new, striking appearance.

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Why Choose CBR for Tuckpointing Services?

Our Experience Is Second to None

When you need brick tuckpointing services, make sure you employ a masonry team that will not cut corners or rush the process. The experienced masons at Cleveland Building Restoration are detailed, thorough, and knowledgeable. Our expertise shines through in the high quality of our finished work. Watch your historic building be transformed through our professional tuckpointing services.

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