Graffiti Removal

Removing Graffiti From Modern and Historic Masonry

Professional, Safe Graffiti Removal in Cleveland

Unfortunately, many Northeast Ohio businesses have dealt with graffiti on their building’s exterior. While graffiti might be a common occurrence, it can still be very discouraging for business owners.

The act of graffiti is quick, but the removal process should be done slowly and with caution. Graffiti is usually applied with spray paint, brush paint, or graffiti markers. Some paint strippers and cleaners will dissolve the paint, but they can also leave your building’s brick or stone exterior permanently damaged and discolored. Fortunately, when done carefully by an experienced company, graffiti can be completely removed.

Restoring Your Building’s Beauty

Effective Graffiti Removal Services

Cleveland Building Restoration performs professional graffiti removal services for businesses across Greater Cleveland. To remove graffiti, the tie between the paint and your building needs to be broken. We start by assessing the materials involved, including the type of graffiti paint that was used and the type of masonry on your building’s exterior. From there, we can determine the best possible cleaning solution to safely and effectively remove graffiti without risking damage.

The next time you discover graffiti on your building, contact Cleveland Building Restoration. We will get the job done right, removing every trace of graffiti and restoring your building’s beauty.

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